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2013 Orlando Web Design | Blue Octopus Web Designs LLC 彡( o__0)彡

Why you can’t get a degree in SEO

Search engine optimization is a tricky business that changes too quickly to be packed into semester class. By the time a professor has caught on to the latest techniques Google will perform an update which renders current teaching old news. Even the “SEO for Dummies” book become outdated soon after they are released.

The 3 Most Common Web Design Mistakes

I have seen this time and time again and I am only doing this to help everyone learn from my mistakes. I had not known about the following items when I had launched my first computer repair website in Orlando.

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How to 301 redirect an inner web page

Since I could not find any decent tutorials on this I decided to make my own. This is what you need to do if you want to automatically redirect an an inner page of your website to a new or different page you have created.

The Mad Octopus Journal

Welcome to the Mad Octopus Journal. This is where we report all of our diabolical web development and SEO experiments. We are the kind of mad scientists that like to add the “Bwww” in front of our “haha’s.” Here you can learn more about the work we do and benefit from the experiments we have done. All of our news and updates go here as well. Stay tuned…

Blue Octopus Rises - Fully Redesigned

When we redesigned out website, we wanted it to look like something that a mad scientist would have created in the 1940’s. Inspiration has come from Nikoli Tesla and Bioshock. We tried to recreate what the internet would have looked like if it was introduced in the 1940’s.

The Three most common web design mistakes made by business owners Why you can't get a degree in SEO

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How to do a inner web page 301 redirect