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2013 Orlando Web Design | Blue Octopus Web Designs LLC 彡( o__0)彡

Keyword Research - We find out what keywords are being searched and how often. We then work toward ranking your website for the keywords that are searched the most frequently.

Competitor examination - We look at who is already ranking for the keywords we are after. Then we try to determine why Google has chosen them to rank and use that to rank your website as well.

Headline Sculpting - This is what pops up in blue when you search something in Google. We make yours more attractive and relevant for the search term.

What’s This SEO Craziness?

We have found that clients are more willing to work with us when they have a better understanding of the value of the service we are offer. That is why we offer a wealth of information on how our SEO processes work and why they will directly benefit your business.

Search engine optimization (SEO) is used to help your website rank in the top 5 spots in Google for search terms relevant to your industry.

The Theory of SEO - The Job analogy

Ranking in Google is kind of like applying for a high paying job with little to no experience. It is really matters who you know and more importantly, who will give you a good recommendation.

Relevant Content - Give Google good content to present to its users. Google exists to help users find what they are looking for. If your website has content that is useful to the person searching for it, then Google has done its job. Google then rewards that site by placing it higher in the search results.

Backlinks - Backlinks are like little recommendations to Google from other websites. The more recommendations you have the higher Google will promote your website in the search engines. We work our way around the office trying to find you great recommendations.

Authority - Getting one personal recommendation from someone higher up in the company will be more meaningful then a bunch of recommendations from office grunts. The same concept applies for websites. Google assigns page rank to every website in it’s index. Page rank is on a scale from 0 to 10. A website with a page rank of 5 would have more authority then a page rank 4. It is better to have one backlink on a page rank 4 then to have a bunch of backlinks from page rank 0 websites.

Keyword Research Should Never Be Overlooked